[PyKDE] Small bug, binding problem and kde2 thought

Philippe Fremy fremy at yalbi.com
Thu Sep 28 14:14:17 BST 2000

> > Checking the sip file reveals indeed a :
> >         QCanvasPixmapArray();
> >         QCanvasPixmapArray(const QString &,int = 0);
> > //      QCanvasPixmapArray(QList<QPixmap>,QList<QPoint>);
> > 
> It's not implemented because of the use of templates and because I'm
> lazy. Would being able to pass a Python list of QPixmaps and a Python
> list of QPoints be OK?
Yes, of course.
Providing a patch for that would even help me on this local problem before
the whole PyQt gets updated.

> The problem with this is the behaviour of repr(). The standard
> convention in PyQt is that NULL translates to None and vice versa -
> which is what is happening. It could display an empty string instead -
> but that might imply that a null QString and an empty QString were the
> same - which they are not.
ok, I just wanted to make sure that this is a known issue.
I'll remember to check my strings with isNull() before displaying them.

> The first release of PyKDE for KDE2 will be a tiny binding. All I will
> do is to do the minimum work to upgrade PyKDE for KDE1 to get it to work
> with KDE2.
> What would be a real help to me is if people gave me a list of the KDE2
> classes they want implemented sooner rather than later.
I already said what I would like to see, but it sounds like it will be

After that, the next thing I need would be access to DCOP and to KPart.
Asking this question on kde-devel would be a good idea. That would make PyKde
more popular and you get feed back of developers, including the core
developers who knows better what is important and what is not.

And congratulation for the great work !
The Kompany seem to be developing very appealing technologies, amonst which
PyQt, PyKde and VeePee have a very good place.



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