[PyKDE] Embeding : C++ Object Visible from Python

Heath heath at simplex.com
Thu Sep 28 19:23:26 BST 2000

Dear All,

I have developed a C++ application using Trolltech's Qt GUI API. I have
embedded Python within this application using SIP. I would like to create a
MainWindow widget plus various other widgets on the C++ side and then
pass their  handles over to the Python side. On the Python side create
additional child widgets and manipulate the existing C++ side widgets
using PyQt bindings.

Currently I can launch my app, execute PyQt scripts in my embedded
command window and all works fine, dialog boxes popup etc... But I have
been unable to bridge this connectivity gap between the two sides.

I have scoured the web and read sections in several books but I am
unable to figure it out. Does anyone have any examples explaining a
solution to this problem, or any relevant experience.

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