[PyKDE] Problems with QStyle and derivatives

Boudewijn Rempt boud at rempt.xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 11 13:54:54 BST 2001

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Phil Thompson wrote:

> >===== Original Message From boud at rempt.xs4all.nl =====
> >I'm currently writing the chapter on style custmization for the book on
> >BlackAdder and PyQt, and I've noticed that there are still a few gotchas
> >with style changes:
> >
> >* radio buttons and check boxes don't change in some cases (I seem to
> remember
> >that this has cropped up before)
> >* the combobox decorations don't show up for Motif and Motif derived styles.
> Have you got a simple script that demonstrates the problem (or is it apparent
> with the themes example script)?

Yes, it's quite apparent from the themes.py example script. Look at the
radio buttons and check boxes when changing themes, and at the
comboboxes in the motif style.

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