[PyKDE] Problem with QMenuData::insertItem

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 27 10:34:45 BST 2001

>===== Original Message From <jbublitz at nwinternet.com> =====
>On 26-Apr-01 Phil Thompson wrote:
>> Do you really need to use such an old version?
>Well, unless I'm thoroughly confused (which happens entirely too often), I 
>Qt1.4x for PyKDE, and I'm assuming that the associated PyQt version needs to 
>compiled with the same Qt lib version - am I mistaken there?

No - you are correct.

>We just finally upgraded to KDE2 with the release of 2.1, so I've given the
>whole situation some thought in the last few weeks and my conclusions are:
>1. I don't want to switch to GTK (gack!)
>2. I don't want to go back to C++ for this particular project
>3. Using Qt, I also need some of the KDE widgets, like the HTML widget and
>otheres (this is a very specialized MUA with lots of features we need but 
>else would probably want)
>4. Since there is no PyKDE2 (and I really don't need it that badly), Qt1.4x 
>KDE1 should be just fine.
>5. I don't expect the remaining problems related to Qt<2.2 and KDE<2 will get
>much attention, and I think that's a fair situation

There is also 6...

Kick start PyKDE2 by implementing only enough of it for what you need for your 
application. I and/or others could then run with it.


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