[PyKDE] RE: PyQT/KDE 2.4 compile errors

Roberto J. ivan_ilitch at yahoo.com.br
Fri Apr 27 20:13:58 BST 2001

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>>===== Original Message From krivilli at ajato.com.br
>>-You need QT-2.2.x (better 2.2.3 or newer) to
use-compile PyQt.
>No. PyQt should compile under all versions of Qt from
(I think) v1.42.

-It should, but it didn't compile for me and for some
other people around there. 

-Also, like you sad, there is a version of Qt-2.0.x
which I couldn't compile PyQt with.

-Anyway, I think I didn’t express 'clearly' what I
mean to say: instead of 'you need Qt-2.2.x',
understand 'prefer to use newer versions'.

-Ah! Thanks for PyQt...great job.

>doesn't then it's a bug - but that doesn't mean I'm
ever going to fix bugs
>related to very old Qt versions. For example, there
is a version of Qt v2.0.x
>which PyQt fails to compile with - but I've got no
intention of fixing it.


-- roberto

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