[PyKDE] Re: Patch to sip-2.4 for SGI o32

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 29 13:33:22 BST 2001

Greg Green wrote:
> The SGI o32 binary format doesn't have the 'bool' type in the native
> C++ compiler. This has caused compilation errors in PyQt or other sip
> modules. So I went ahead and took a shot at fixing the problem.
> The other problem with SGI is that you must run automake -i to add
> the dependencies into the makefiles instead of use the automatic
> dependency checking provided by automake. With this patch and the
> automake change, PyQt-2.4 compiles for me on the SGI irix 6.5 o32
> format.

I'm not going to apply the patch (but I've added the problem to the TODO
list).  The "correct" solution is to get sip to generate code that tests
whether bool is implemented. In other words, the test should be made
when the generated code is compiled - not when sip is compiled.

I've added the -i flag (is this all that's needed?)


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