[PyKDE] Phil: Any chance of getting the TR (translate) method working?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 00:29:03 BST 2001

Bryan Brunton wrote:
> (Reposting due to no response from previous post)
> Does anyone have the QObject.tr() method working?
> You can use the .qm file from the QT 2.3.1 i8ln example to test the code down below.  The
> QApplication.translate method will correctly translate.  The tr method of the MyWidget object will
> not.

Which version of PyQt? It's broken in 2.4 but should be fixed in the 2.5
pre-releases. (But note that the 2.5 releases will only compile against
Qt 2.3.1 - but that has been fixed in the CVS.)


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