[PyKDE] Help needed with SIP

Jon jjhome at fire-bug.co.uk
Wed Aug 22 00:39:17 BST 2001

Hello Gerard

Must admit I did not bother to go back and prove what I said about -fno-rtti, anyway its working.

Yes Il be happy to return the favor, but Im not on sip-2.5 so it will take a little time.

I tried PyQt 2.5 and Sip2.5 about a week ago and had problems, but Ill try it again (Ive learned alot in that week).

Ill download ftp://old-labs.polycnrs-gre.fr/pub/SAS/Vermeulen/PyMMM-0.0.1.tar.gz now and get back to you ASAP.

I have spent tonight trying to integrate the sip stuff into a KDE Studio Gold project as this where I do all my c++ programming. Once thats complete I should have a nice environment to work in.

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