[PyKDE] PyQwt win32 binary?

Philippe Fremy fremy at yalbi.com
Thu Feb 1 13:38:30 GMT 2001

> > I still maintain Troll Tech is only hurting themselves, and Qt, by
> > insisting you can write free software for UNIX but not for Windows.
> > This runs counter to Qt's strong crossplatform abilities. I feel these
> > restrictions limit the number of people who go from "dabbling" in Qt to
> > really learning it in and out. Qt programmers are few and far between,
> > and that alone was the reason I saw an UNIX & NT application go the way
> > of MFC + portability libraries, when the developers wanted to use Qt.
> > Qt is considered too "niche" and talent is scarce compared to MFC.
> > Allowing GPL'd Qt development on Windows wouldn't necessarily change
> > all this, but it might belp (especially since more people would adopt
> > it). Windows has lots of "freeware" users, even if they haven't been
> > properly introduced to the GPL & BSD licenses. Troll Tech is tying its
> > fortunes to widespread adoption of Linux development (and full
> > commercial licenses), when the likely reality is most initial
> > applications will be ported using WINE or one of the commercial porting
> > kits like Bristol.
> I agree in that I'd love to see Trolltech release a GPLed Windows
> version. What you are suggesting is what Sun did years ago and focus on
> the educational market so that graduates would go to their new employers
> acting as an extension of the Sun marketing team.
They would probably then be losing the people that are buying the windows 
Qt license only to port their software to windows. But my guess is that 
these poeple are a negligible part of their income. No normal software 
company would use a software development kit with the confidence that "the 
informal support of the mailing list and the GPL license is ok". ;-)


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