[PyKDE] PyQwt win32 binary?

Scott Prive scottprive at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 1 15:11:07 GMT 2001

Bernd Gehrmann wrote:

> > Dan Parisien wrote:
> >
> > I doubt they would go out of business. They don't make money from people who
> > produce free software anyways. Even if a GPL version of Qt was available for
> > windows, Trolltech would still make money on people building proprietary
> > software with their kit (I'm sure they make 85% of their revenue on in-house,
> > MIS-type software development anyways)
> The problem is that you can make in-house development with a GPL
> version without paying a cent.

> That's the significant difference between GPL and QPL, btw.

Does the QPL only "force" this issue on Linux? is my question

Creating software for "internal use" at a company is clearly commercial use and
would be a violation. This leaves a huge gray area, where one could at home
develop "useful" software to the community, also useful "for work".

All I care about is equal treatment of the Windows version. Qt popularity is
constrained by the growth of Linux. Linux is moving, but there is I believe a
HUGE market for something like Visual Basic, but portable between Linux and

Black Adder and Kylix seem to fit that bill, but the conclusion I draw is Troll
Tech's licensing forces TheKompany to charge 'commercial' licenses for situations
that otherwise qualify for Personal licenses. I'm assuming of course that
TheKompany would do that - they might not, but "most" noncommercial licenses allow
distribution, so there..


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