[PyKDE] PyQt only examples

Philippe Fremy fremy at yalbi.com
Thu Feb 1 18:37:15 GMT 2001

>    I was reading some tutorials about it ( specially the ones from
> Boudewijn's website ) and I'm convinced that I can learn it.
It is quite easy, don't worry.

>    But, I'm looking for some beginners tutorial showing PyQt's only
> examples, not using PyKDE . I'm trying to start building an application
Why not simply use Qt's own tutorial ? You perhaps haven't notice the 
example directory in PyQt that contains all Qt example and tutorials ported 
to PyQt.

It is very good, this is how I learned Qt. Read the Qt tutorial, and  
adjust the source code from C++ to python. Both languages use the same 
constructs and the same functions, so the tutorial applies perfectely.


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