[PyKDE] PyQwt win32 binary?

John J. Lee phrxy at csv.warwick.ac.uk
Thu Feb 1 21:50:52 GMT 2001

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Phil Thompson wrote:

> "John J. Lee" wrote:
> >
> > Isn't it still illegal for a somebody to distribute non-free software that
> > requires PyQt under the free Qt license?
> Sorry, I don't understand this. PyQt doesn't require any particular Qt
> license. PyQt is not under the GPL.

Okay, I can't figure what I meant there either.  :-/

> > However, I don't think that 'let free software be free, and non-free be
> > non-free' *was* the spirit.
> It *was* the spirit - I've had the conversations with Trolltech's senior
> management.

Right.  I don't remember them ever saying so in public though -- maybe I
missed it.  I do remember them giving the reason I mention below.

> > If that *were* the spirit of the license,
> > presumably they would have released it under the same license for both
> > platforms.
> I don't know why they haven't. One reason I've heard is that there is
> just no tradition of free software for Windows - people might not
> understand it. (Which would imply that Windows user's might not have the
> same resepct for software licenses that Linux users do.)

I presume you're suggesting that TT think more windows users than unix
users would violate the licence?  I suppose it would be suprising if this
weren't true, given the greater (financial) motivation.

> Or maybe they just haven't been asked often enough - we know from the
> QPL/GPL experience that they respond to user pressure.
> > IIRC, their stated reason for not doing so was along the lines
> > of 'we have to have something to attract customers that isn't available
> > free!' This is of course entirely their judgement to make
> > It's a bit of a shame that this wasn't sorted out before you started
> > putting out binaries, but I certainly don't want to pin any blame on
> > anyone for that -- just something to watch out for 'next time'.
> I agree - I'll try to be less helpful next time. :)

I wasn't questioning your motivation either!

> > If you're using GPL software as a part of your software, I think I'm right
> > in saying that distributing the PtQt binary would clearly indicate that
> > your intention is for people to be able to use it on windows, and since
> > Qt/win is non-free and isn't a standard component of windows, that would
> > not be allowed under the GPL.
> There is no GPL software in either BlackAdder, SIP, PyQt or PyKDE.

Right.  I don't see how that alters my point, though.


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