[PyKDE] PyQwt win32 binary?

Scott Prive scottprive at netscape.net
Sat Feb 3 03:25:43 GMT 2001

hpj.lisa at t-online.de (Hans-Peter Jansen) wrote:
> Scott Prive wrote:
> Well, may have a look on wxPython. At least, the library is free, allows
> cross platform development on windows and unix, and has some nice features. Docs and some (non) free gui builder are available. 

Thanks for the tip. I had looked at wxPython, and put aside dealing with it for a few reasons. The first was less intergration with the OS desktop... I run Linux at home, using a mixmash of GNOME and Linux applications... I would rather have learned either Qt or GTK, and not a "third" toolkit. Yes, GTK compiles on Windows too and is "more" GPL, but it's not ready even for experienced C coders to use (GIMP/Win32 is an exception).

I wasn't too impressed with the free GUI builders for wxPython.

Phil Thompson is 
> called Robin Dunn in wxPython world. Robin used swig for wrapping. An in 
> deep comparison of these two opponents would be nice...

A comparitive review *would* be nice. I'm waiting for one to happen... maybe Boudewijn Rempt could get together with Camaron Laird and hash one together. :)

> I apologize my intrusional message. I won't offend anybody. I'm observing the  development of PyQT & PyKDE with much interrest. KDE2 and python rocks. 

KDE2 was such an improvement that I got over that irritation over licensing and use it as my primary desktop. Switching applications is much harder so I continue to run GNOME apps under it. I look forward to the day of sharing preferences, desktop icons, and drag and drop. :)

>All python GUI wrappers have their own upsides and downsides.

Yes they do, and all require different tacts to fix them. Well... Tk doesn't need fixing... it needs to be taken behind the barn and shot in the head. :-D

Thanks for reminding me about the wxPython mailing list. I'll take a look...

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