[PyKDE] PyQt vs PyQtk or wxWindows

Scott Prive scottprive at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 9 14:53:51 GMT 2001

I am hoping someone contributes a PyTkinter and a PyGTK version... (I can't yet).

PyGTK looks uglier than PyQt source, but I don't think it's because of the
wrapper. :)
Still, PyGTK has to be cleaner than C/gtk. I just got PyGTK working on a Windows
NT system, and it seems to work. GLADE is functional also.

I'm going to dabble in PyQt as time permits, and keep an eye on things, but for
my case I think PyGTK makes more sense than wxPython.

I bookmarked your page -- If I get enough time between homework, I'll convert the
PyQt version to Pygtk...


Philippe Fremy wrote:

> > called Robin Dunn in wxPython world. Robin used swig for wrapping. An in
> > deep comparison of these two opponents would be nice...
> I have recently put online a comparison of the same program written in gtk, Qt
> and PyQt. I'd be glad to add a WxPython version if you do one. It is a
> relatively short program and I think it would be very interesting to see
> another code example.
> Check:
> http://aquila.rezel.enst.fr/philippe/kde/cmp-toolkits.html
>         regards,
>         Philippe
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