[PyKDE] Question about using QWizard

Aleksey Naumov naumov at acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu Feb 15 20:29:45 GMT 2001

Dear all,

I've used PyQt to create a class derived from QWizard to navigate the
user through a series of
choices and then do some data processing once the user clicks on
"Finish". In my
accept() method (QWizard method overloaded in my class) I create my data
object, feed data into it and it starts working, printing messages to
the terminal.

The problem is, I would like to get rid of terminal output altogether.
For this, I've
added a multi-line edit box on the "Finish" page, I would like for all
output to be sent
to this box instead of the terminal. I can't think of how to do it
though. Even when I
configure my data processing object with a reporting function (a slot in
my wizard which
simply adds text line to the multi-line text box) instead of simple
print calls, the text does
not show up in the multi-line box until all data processing is finished.
I guess it has to do
with control - until data processing object is finished, it has control,
and wizard is not
updated? update() calls to the text box or the wizard itself don't help.

This is ugly from a user perspective, very non-interactive. Is there a
threading issue involved
here? Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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