[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: BlackAdder for Python/Qt Development

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 12 10:09:17 GMT 2001

Philippe Fremy wrote:
> > Q5. How will this affect PyQt?
> > There are no plans to change the PyQt license. You can continue to use
> > it today as you used it yesterday. BlackAdder gives you the following
> > extras: an IDE, Python specific Qt documentation, a Qt license for
> > Windows, the right to re-distribute run-time components (Business
> > Edition only and excluding mxODBC), and optional formal support
> > (Business Edition only).
> > Q7. How will this affect the Windows binary version of PyQt?
> > I will not be releasing any more Windows binary versions of PyQt that
> > have the Qt DLLs bundled in.
> >From these two answer, I deduce that they won't be anymore a free (in terms
> of money) version of PyQt for windows available, right ?
> I'm disappointed, I was so happy to have my PyQt program run under both
> Windows and Unix with a Free library. :-(
> And if I understand correctly, BlackAdder isn't a free software at all. The
> only way to get it is to pay.

Correct - although a lot of the elements of BlackAdder remain freely
available in other forms.

> But hey, business is business and without TheKompany, PyQt for windows
> wouldn't probably have even existed.

Not true. PyQt goes back a lot longer than my involvement with
theKompany and is my intellectual property. BlackAdder (the new closed
source stuff) wouldn't have happened without theKompany and is their
intellectual property.

> They are only getting closer to Troll Tech's business model.

Exactly - except we have chosen not to dual license the IDE.


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