[PyKDE] segmentation fault

Carlos Miguel cmigue at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 12 14:22:52 GMT 2001

I'm creating a small application for accesing a MySQL database.
The general layout of my application is a Main Form (which inherits QDialog) which display the list of all records from a particular table, and another form (a "detail" form) which is used to update the actual data (it inherits QDialog too, and when called, its parent is set to the Main Form). Everything seemed to work fine until I finished all the forms for each table in the database, and decided to create a fancy menu/form launcher based also on QDialog.

The menu is made up of QPushbuttons, each one calling a different dialog, everything seems to work fine, until I try to add or modify a record (which would load up the "detail" form), sometimes python complains about a Type Error while trying to execute QDialog's constructor (sip complains too: sip.call_ctor or something like that), or sometimes it just segfaults.

I've tried to debug the code, but even when I try to print the objects representation (to see their type), this causes the application to segfault too

I know I'm not being very specific, I was hoping somebody had stepped into a similar problem and offered me some advice.

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