[PyKDE] ANNOUNCE: BlackAdder for Python/Qt Development

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 12 18:22:40 GMT 2001

Philippe Fremy wrote:
> > > But hey, business is business and without TheKompany, PyQt for windows
> > > wouldn't probably have even existed.
> >
> > Not true. PyQt goes back a lot longer than my involvement with
> > theKompany and is my intellectual property. BlackAdder (the new closed
> I didn't mean PyQt in a whole but only PyQt for windows. I guess that without
> TheKompany, you wouldn't have got a Qt windows license that allow people to
> distribute programs that uses Qt under windows and unix without paying a
> single fee to TrollTech. I was surprised that TT had allowed such a thing
> because it breaks their business model. It makes more sense now.

Nope. My Qt Enterprise license was a gift from Trolltech (at Boudewijn's
suggestion), and Mechanical Dynamics gave me the compiler so that I
could actually do something with it.

I'm not trying to downplay theKonpany's contribution :), just want to
make sure that people's generosity is properly recognised.


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