[PyKDE] Python-2.1b2 / PyQt-2.4pre1 / sip-2.4pre2

Gerard Vermeulen gvermeul at labs.polycnrs-gre.fr
Mon Mar 26 11:59:38 BST 2001


I tried to install Python-2.1b2 / PyQt-2.4pre1 / sip-2.4pre2,
first with Python's ./configure --with-pymalloc.

When I tried to run an example, it died with a segmentation error.

Then I tried ./configure --without-pymalloc --without-cycle-gc.
This worked.

Are there 'recommended' settings for Python's memory management?

It would be nice if --with-pymalloc is possible (of course, I could
try to find out by trial and error, but a compile cycle of Python,
sip and PyQt takes hours on my machine).

Thanks -- Gerard Vermeulen

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