[PyKDE] Hello (Access Violation on win2k?)

Stephan Koerner skoer at adams.com
Mon Mar 26 14:52:35 BST 2001

Hello all,

  I'm in the midst of tracking a problem which seems to only show-up on 
  win2k.  We had developed an application with
    python 1.5.2
    SIP v0.9      (on Mon Sep  6 19:48:18 1999)
    qt 1.44
  This application has been running well on a number of operating systems
  including Win NT.  HOWEVER, the other day it was reported that
  this application issues an
  "Unhandled exception in python.exe (NTDLL.dll)... Access Violation" 
  (I have verified that it happens but, boy, it is difficult to make it
   happen on demand.  (not very reproduceable))

 Any comments/recommendations would be appreciated.  thanks stephan

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