[PyKDE] PyKDE compile trouble

Greg Green gregory.p.green at boeing.com
Mon Mar 26 22:29:50 BST 2001

> hi there,
> i work on SuSE 7.1, Kernel 2.2.18, Qt 2.2.4, KDE 2.1
> i just installed PyQt-2.2.rpm which comes with my SuSE 7.1
> Unfortunately the PyKDE-2.3.tar.gz from theKompany-website does not
> with that package. 
> PyKDE-2.2.tar.gz is not available any more as it seams.
> how can i solve this? do you guys have it? is it on powerplant?
> thanks for help, i would love to build up some Python Scripting
abilities for
> KDE.

I have never actually used PyKDE, so treat the remarks accordingly.
First, PyKDE is only for KDE1.*, since you are using KDE 2.1, it is
probably not what you want. This regularly comes up. I haven't heard
anyone volunteer to do the KDE2.* bindings.

Your best bet would be to get Sip, PyQt, and PyKDE, and compile them
yourself. That way they would all work together. Unless someone on
the list comes up with a PyKDE-2.2.tar.gz package.

Greg Green
Advanced Design Systems
Math & Computing Technology
(425) 865-2790

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