[PyKDE] How to display GIF and JPEG

Sheng-Te Tsao shengte.tsao at firsttick.com
Wed Mar 28 17:10:01 BST 2001

Thanks for the info, but I only found support for tk and windows in that 
library.   Is there any code that shows how
to use PIL with QT's QImageIO extension?


At 09:42 AM 3/28/2001 +0200, Gerard Vermeulen wrote:
>Sheng-Te Tsao wrote:
> >I am wondering if someone can show me some code that demonstrates how to
> >read GIF or JPEG files using PyQT because unlike PNG, they are not compiled
> >into the qt221.dll supplied with PyQT for Windows.   Note that I do have
> >access to the QT source code for Windows yet, although I do plan to buy a
> >license in the near future, once I convince my company that PyQT is the way
> >to go.
>Take a look at the PythonWare Image library
>It should allow you to convert the GIF/JPEG files in memory to a format
>that can be displayed by Qt.
>Gerard Vermeulen

Sheng-Te Tsao
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