[PyKDE] PyQt configure & qt

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat May 19 01:27:53 BST 2001

Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> Sorry this took so long; been very busy with other things.
> On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 06:11:51PM +0100, Phil Thompson wrote:
> > Hollis R Blanchard wrote:
> > >
> > > Small bug report:
> > >         PyQt 2.4's configure script seems to find qt where it isn't:
> > >         checking for -lqt... /usr/lib
> >
> > What is the output of running 'ls /usr/lib/qt*' ?
> The problem is that the script was looking for /usr/lib/libqt*, which happily
> found /usr/lib/libqtmcop.sa (provided by kdelibs-sound).

That's the problem, but that's not the right solution. You are assuming
that shared libraries have a .so extension - not true under HP-UX, and
possibly others.

> I had to apply the attached PyQt-2.4-acinclude.patch and
> PyQt-2.4-ltconfig.patch to fix the problem. QT will always supply a libqt.so so
> that applications can link using '-lqt'. ltconfig was necessary to re-run
> automake (iirc).
> After applying these patches, I run
> aclocal
> autoheader
> automake
> autoconf

I think some of the problems you had (like AMTAR not being defined) were
because you don't have the right versions of automake and libtool

> in the .spec. Probably one or two of these isn't necessary, but I wasn't in the
> mood to find out.
> > > Also, I had to add %{pythonver} to the spec (I can't remember if it was sip or
> > > PyQt 2.2 that I saw that in), as well as --with-python-includes and
> > > --with-python-modules in order to allow PyQt to build with either Python 1.5
> > > (which some people are still using) or 2.x. (Would using --with-python=1.5
> > > take care of both of those for me?) I'd be happy to send a diff if anyone's
> > > interested.
> >
> > diff please.
> I also discovered that AMTAR didn't work; the symptom was
> zxvf: command not found
> at the end of the make install. That diff is also attached.
> I made a few changes to the spec:
> - setting QTDIR was an attempt to get configure to find qt correctly and
>   probably isn't necessary (does configure do this itself?).
> - using %doc is a very good idea.
> - set %defattr just because. Might help if files are added later and %attr is
>   forgotten. Probably a good idea.
> - use %{prefix} instead of hardcoded /usr is a good idea (similar to
>   %{pythonver}) - it definately reduces edit time if that should ever change in
>   the future.
> - I had to remove qt.pyc because that file was apparently not being created. I
>   can't remember if that was with python1 or not though, so that change can
>   probably be ignored.
> > > I saw the earlier email about --with-python= not working 100%; are there any
> > > plans to fix that? In my case, I'm building on a system where /usr/bin/python
> > > is 1.5, and python2 is /usr/bin/python2[.1]. Thought I'm concentrating on
> > > python 1.5 right now, I suspect that would prevent me from completing a python2
> > > build of PyQt.
> >
> > It's fixed in the CVS.
> As I discovered, PyQt doesn't work with python1 at all now (something about
> os.spawnv missing iirc).

This should only affect eric.


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