[PyKDE] Recent SIP & PyQt Changes

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Wed May 23 23:31:03 BST 2001

I have commited some changes to SIP and PyQt which answer some of my backlog 
of problems/questions/enhancements. I've summarised these rather than respond 
to the individual emails...

PyQt now includes Toby Sargeant's qtgl module - check the gears.py example 

QObject.sender() now works properly.

The missing QWidget.reparent() variant has been added.

The problem with QTranslator is a bug. The workaround is to use 
QApplication.translate() rather than a class's tr() method. I will fix this, 
but I'll do it as part of a fuller review of translation and Qt Linguist.

Boudewijn's problems with disconnecting Python signals has been fixed. 
Actually the bug report was incorrect - the traceback is accurate as there is 
a bug in the test script. However, once you fix this you hit a SIP bug - now 
fixed. Let me know if you find further problems - the code is complicated and 
disconnect() isn't often used.

QObject.blockSignals() only applies to Qt signals, not Python signals - and 
they apply to the emitter, not the receiver. Enhancing it to block Python 
signals as well is on the TODO list.


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