[PyKDE] [PyQt] QTabBar and missing signals

Alessandro Gatti rigel at telemail.it
Tue Nov 13 11:30:41 GMT 2001

Hi there,

I'm currently writing a simple application using PyQt 2.5 and I'm stuck
trying to understand what I'm doing wrong regarding QTabBar.

After constructing the tabBar and adding the necessary tabs, I attempted
to connect the selected() signal that QTabBar emits to my own
application in order to show the right QDialog on a particular QWidget.

The connecting code is:
QObject.connect(self.tabBar, SIGNAL('selected()'), self, \
[ where repaintWindow() is a function I wrote. ]

When I run that code, my QDialogs aren't shown and I get this error on
the console:

QObject::connect: No such signal QTabBar::selected()
QObject::connect:  (sender name:   'unnamed')
QObject::connect:  (receiver name: 'unnamed')

I looked up the documentation and QTabBar::selected() *does* exist

What's wrong there? Is it a missing signal in PyQt?

Thanks in advance,

Alessandro Gatti - rigel at telemail.it
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