[PyKDE] Need user input!

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Mon Apr 8 18:13:26 BST 2002

On 08-Apr-02 Thorsten Horstmann <Thorsten.Horstmann at web.de> wrote:
> Jim Bublitz wrote:
>> What I need to know is where the PyQt .sip files are located on
>> your system, so I can tell configure where to look for them.
>> Right now, I plan on searching the following:
>> /usr/local/PyQt-3.0/sip
>> /usr/local/src/PyQt-3.0/sip
>> /usr/bin/src/PyQt-3.0/sip
>> /usr/share/sip
>> /usr/local/share/sip
> is it possible to tell the configure with an option where to
> search for the files? On my Solaris workstation I have mostly
> such files not in those 'standard' directories.

Yes - there will be a "--with-PyQt-sip=" option (or something
similar) as well. I'll post info here and in the README when the
release is ready.

Based on other email, I'll probably be adding:


The 'PyQt-3.0' will become 'PyQt-3.1' in the next release and the
'3.1' will probably track the sip version number that 'sip -V'

I just want to cover most of the possibilities in the
configure script, but there should be "--with" options for paths
and versions. I'll make sure those are documented.


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