[PyKDE] drag'n drop in pykless.

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 26 19:58:01 BST 2002

Jim Bublitz wrote:

> On 23-Aug-02 Richard Jones wrote:
>>On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 3:42 pm, Jim Bublitz wrote:
>>>On 22-Aug-02 Richard Jones wrote:
>>>>On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 12:52 am, Jim Bublitz wrote:
>>>>>Thanks for the input! I'm just about to write another message
>>>>>the list announcing the next release and apologizing for the
>>>>>quality of the stuff in examples/ and test/. I hope to have
>>>>>stuff cleaned up and a number of additions by the next major
>>>>>release (3.1), probably later this fall.
>>>>Is there any chance of this stuff making it into the actual
>>>>KDE CVS, and hence KDE releases? That would be sweet, and
>>>>given that there's (minimal) python support already in
>>>>there, it seems logical to me. That would enable a _lot_ 
>>>>more users to hack up KDE applications who otherwise
>>>>haven't heard of PyKDE (*shock*, but I'm sure they exist :)
>>>The short answer is that doesn't work very well for me (can't
>>>speak for Phil, and he owns sip and PyQt which are also
>>>required, and still has rights to big chunks of PyKDE). I can
>>>provide the long answer (I'm still trying to quit smoking) if
>>>you're interested.
>>You realise that your brain is subconsciously relating discussing
>>PyKDE and a lack of nicotene, don't you :)
> That and I cut way back on caffeine/sugar, so I'm really desperate.
> I'm amazed I can still code (no cheap shots, please).
>>>I don't necessarily think this is a bad idea - especially being
>>>on the KDE ftp sites. CVS is what I have problems with, and
>>>it's unlikely that PyKDE will ever keep up with the KDE release
>>>schedule while I'm maintaining it. My understanding is you
>>>only get KDE ftp if you use KDE CVS.
>>I presume the CVS issue is due to a lack of control? Guidelines
>>may be written (even if they say "oi, it's under my control!"
>>and that's all) and if it all goes awry, they end up with a
>>half-finished fork version :)
> Yeah, that's part of it. Synchronization with KDE releases is
> another problem - it'd need to be on more of a KOffice-like
> schedule decoupled from the KDE releases - which defeats some of
> what you want to accomplish; maintaining CVS is another problem -
> I'm not very good at it, it's really slow, and the way PyKDE gets
> developed doesn't make CVS useful for anything. My uplink is really
> slow (satellite - d/l's at >100KB/s though) - right now I mail
> releases, which is even slower but happens transparently via the
> mail server. There might be concerns about the way PyKDE builds - I
> don't want to go back to autoconfig, etc. Patch releases are another
> concern, lack of adequete testing is another.
> This also needs Phil's input, since sip and PyQt are pre-requisite
> to PyKDE. I hate it when projects have half the libs you need and
> you have to go out and search for the other half (KDE has done some
> of that over the years, but seems better now). riverbankcomputing
> offers "one-stop" shopping. I haven't discussed it with Phil, but I
> suspect he has some legitimate concerns/objections as well.

SIP and PyQt have nothing to do with KDE so I have no interest in seeing 
it in the KDE CVS.

In theory I have no objection to somebody else doing it. In practice it 
is likely that anybody who did do it would get bored of doing it after a 
couple of releases and the KDE CVS version would just get more and more 
out of date.

In my opinion the distributors should be dealing with this problem - 
complain to your supplier if they don't include a version of PyKDE 
compatible with their copy of KDE.


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