[PyKDE] Qt progress example with minor glitch

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 30 17:39:00 BST 2002

Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:

> On Friday 30 August 2002 07:16, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>>On Thursday 29 August 2002 23:43, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
>>>I couldn't resist from modifying its visual appearance slightly, and
>>>delayed the timer interval to behave a bit more cooperative (unlike its
>>>Comments welcome!
>>Well, it seems to run without any glitch on my machine. I'm still using a
>>fairly old version of PyQt, so I may not have the latests bugs...
> Hi Boudewijn,
> sure, that the AnimatedThingy is stopped properly on cancel?
> I left a print statement in _drawqix method as an indicator.
> if yes:
>     would you do me a favour and comment out line 220/221:
>             if not self.default_label:
>                 self.pb.killTimers()
>     and check, if self.pb is stopped properly.
>     This codepath is taken in timerDriven/customLabel mode only (default).
> The whole topic lead me to the question, how such custom dialogs
> are deconstructed properly?
> Also I forgot to mention in my former post, that QPainter.fillRect
> doesn't allow a QColor instance as 5th parameter, unlike Qt. One has
> always to wrap QColor with QBrush in PyQt. Phil?

SIP generated code doesn't support the C++ feature of knowing it can 
call QBrush(QColor) when it needs a QBrush but is given a QColor. It's 
been on the TODO list for a long time - I may get around to it one day, 
but I think there are some "issues".


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