[PyKDE] License + new release soon? :$

Bart Verwilst verwilst at gentoo.org
Sat Dec 7 02:05:00 GMT 2002

On Saturday 07 December 2002 01:30, Phil Thompson wrote:
||  On Friday 06 December 2002 11:23 pm, Bart Verwilst wrote:
||  > Hi!
||  >
||  > I'm the packager of pyQT + sip for Gentoo Linux.
||  > Could it be possible to abandon the use of explicitly having the user
||  > type "yes" before starting the install? Since Portage rules are not to
||  > allow user input during the install process, it would be much nicer
||  > just to have build.py list something like "By installing this, you
||  > automatically accept our license." Or something like it was before... I
||  > hope you take this into consideration...
||  Doesn't Qt require you to do the same?
Yeah, we patched that too..
But i think it would be nicer if we wouldn't have to do this at all for pyqt..
Pretty please? :o)

||  > And also, when is a new release due? So we can release Gentoo 1.4 with
||  > full and working pyQT support for QT 3.1.
||  Any day now - I'm just trying to fix a build problem with HP-UX.
||  Phil
Cool, thanks!
I was going to put a snapshot into portage otherwise, but i'll wait for the 
official release now :o)

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