[PyKDE] Seperate Qscintilla from PyQt

Jack Neal nealj at NLS.net
Thu Dec 12 06:00:01 GMT 2002

Like I said... newbie question.... had to ask.  I figured if they were all
in pieces parts anyways, you could redistribute however if you had all the
time in the world...

Which none of us has.  :-)



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> Is it possible to distribute both ways? I know it takes a lot of time for
> someone to put this stuff together; it seems to me if the code is sitting
> out there, someone could run with it and package however they pleased.

Maybe if you're packaging Hello World. :)  Managing something of this
magnitude is an incredible task (thanks to you guys for doing it, I don't
even *think* of mucking through the real sources most of the time!).

If you're just doing an rpm -i anyway, what's the difference between one
and twenty files on the command line?  There's no makefile madness either

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