[PyKDE] QMenuData.findItem() breaking PyQT 3.5 code on PyQT < 3.5 systems

Ricardo Niederberger Cabral ncabral at terra.com.br
Mon Dec 30 13:41:44 GMT 2002

	Why pyuic from PyQT 3.5 uses QMenuData.findItem() for setting menu bar labels on the languageChange() method of generated MainWindows ?
	From what I found on PyQT's Changelog, findItem method was introduced in 3.5, therefore producing classes that would break on the languageChange() method on 3.4 systems (which Debian and Mandrake 9 seems to use)
	Couldn't QMenuData.changeItem() or something else be used instead of findItem() ?
Ricardo Niederberger Cabral
<nieder at mail.ru>

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