[PyKDE] KStdAction with Python slots/ Writing KParts

Henrik Motakef henrik.motakef at web.de
Fri Feb 8 21:35:05 GMT 2002

kvs at valentine.thekompany.com writes:

Two questions about PyKDE2:

(How) Can I connect KStdActions to a Python method? It looks as if I
only can use form
  KStdAction.foo(self, SLOT("bar()"), self.actionCollection()), 
which respects overridden methods, but doesn't work with methods not
contained in KMainWindow.

Is it possible to write, say, a Konqueror Plugin in Python? It looks
like all neccessary classes are implemented, however I obviously
cannot build a lib<mypart>.so. (Probably related - is it possible to
implement KIOSlaves?)


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