[PyKDE] PyKDE2 alphas6 release/BUGS

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Feb 16 20:04:01 GMT 2002

I've uploaded PyKDE2 alpha6 - it should be available on
theKompany's site within the next few days (I don't upload
directly). There are two versions: one for systems running KDE2.1.x
and the other for systems running KDE2.2.2 (it won't build with
2.2.0 or 2.2.1 because of the extra methods added in KDE2.2.2).

If you need a version of PyKDE2 for KDE2.2.0 or 2.2.1, let me know
and I can make the necessary files available, probably on CVS. At
the moment I'm not inclined to update the CVS unless absolutely
necessary, as I'm the only one working on the project, my upload
times are very slow, and I don't get along well with CVS in the
first place. In the future I plan to make an additional tarball
available which contains the files necessary to build a custom
version of PyKDE2, in addition to the prebuilt tarballs I do at the
present time.

As always, PyKDE2 requires sip3.0 and a corresponding version of
PyQt3.0, which are also available at theKompany.


PyKDE2-3.0alpha6 includes the changes to make connect methods
in KStdAction, KAction and other classes work correctly (see
previous mailing list post for more info).

About 5 minutes after uploading alpha6, I found a bug in the
NET.Property enum (found in kdecore/netwm_def.h). The enum values
up to and including 16384 are correct, but I skipped 32768, so the
higher valued enum elements are off by a factor of two (you can
find the error in netwm_def.sip). You can workaround this by using
the actual numerical value rather than the NET.Property enum symbol
for those values that are in error. This affects alpha6 and probably
all prior releases, and will be fixed in the next release, which
will include KDE3.0. I doubt many people will find this a problem.
If someone asks, I'll post a listing of the correct enum values you
can use for the workaround.

With the release of KDE3.0beta2, I've started upgrading PyKDE2 for
that. At the moment I'm cleaning up the tools I use to generate sip
files/do versioning, and I expect to have to do some handwritten
code. The first release of PyKDE2 for KDE3.0 is probably about a
month away.


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