[PyKDE] PyKDE2 alphas6 release/BUGS

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Feb 20 02:12:24 GMT 2002

On 19-Feb-02 Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
> I removed all old versions, then I got PyQt 3.0 (before I had
> 3.1), rebuilded it. PyQt seem sto run, at least most of the
> examples do.
> Making PyKDE now works, but I get warnings like this:
> libtool: link: warning: `/opt/kde2/lib/libksycoca.la' seems to be
> moved

I get those warnings on an RPM upgrade using rpms for SuSE7.3. The
only other time I've gotten those warnings is when I actually had
moved a lib from one directory to another, so perhaps it has to do
with how the libs were built for the rpm. At any rate, I haven't
noticed it causing any problems. Hopefully that's not what's
causing the following ...
> When trying to run ttestPyKDE2.py, it complains 
> "QPaintDevice: Must construct a QApplication before a
> QPaintDevice."
> Any suggestions?

I get the same problem with KDE2.2.2 (works fine with KDE2.1.1 and
*should* be basically the same code). It doesn't work on either
testPyKDE2.py or pykless.py. According to the KDE2.2.2 docs, the
correct sequence is a call to KCmdLineArgs::init followed
by constructing the KApplication instance, which is what both
programs do. 

I'll have to look into this and determine the cause. I'll let you
know as soon as I have an answer.


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