[PyKDE] [cvs commit] 'PyQt/lib acinclude.m4'

kvs at valentine.thekompany.com kvs at valentine.thekompany.com
Sun Feb 24 03:33:27 GMT 2002

Update of /public/PyQt/lib
In directory valentine.thekompany.com:/tmp/cvs-serv9431/lib

Modified Files:
Log Message:
configure now searches for Qt v3.0.2.
Added QLineEdit.setPasswordChar() and QLineEdit.passwordChar() for Qt v3.0.2
but left them commented out at they are marked as incompatible add ons.
Updated pyuic3 from the changes in Qt v3.0.2.
Added thread support, ie. QApplication.locl(), QApplication.unlock(),
QApplication.locked(), QApplication.tryLock() and the QMutex, QSemaphore,
QThread and QWaitCondition classes.
Re-did all of the special methods following the SIP changes.

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