[PyKDE] Broken link

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Feb 27 21:36:45 GMT 2002

Apparently the link to PyKDE2-3.0-2.2.0alpha6.tar.gz on theKompany's
download page isn't working at the moment (the -2.1.1 link seems to
be though). It should be fixed within the next 12-24 hours (it's
currently midday PST here, and I don't maintain the server).

Please allow a little time for the link to be repaired, but if you
need to d/l urgently, drop me an email directly.

Please also note that although the link says '2.2.0', the alpha6
tarball is really PyKDE2-3.0-2.2.*2*alpha6.tar.gz, and requires
KDE2.2.2 to build. The CVS is NOT up to date, but if you need a
tarball for KDE2.2.0 or KDE2.2.1, I can make those available (I'd
rather people upgraded to 2.2.2 though). Email me on this one too
if you need to.

(I probably won't be maintaining CVS, but will have an alternative
available with the next release).

I've just finished the first complete build on PyKDE2 for
KDE3.0beta2, but still have a lot of cleanup to do - it'll be a
few weeks at least before it's available.


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