[PyKDE] [cvs commit] 'PyQt/pyuic3 Makefile.am'

kvs at valentine.thekompany.com kvs at valentine.thekompany.com
Thu Jan 3 02:04:13 GMT 2002

Update of /public/PyQt/pyuic3
In directory valentine.thekompany.com:/tmp/cvs-serv16100/pyuic3

Modified Files:
Log Message:
The build script now copes when tmake and/or sgmltools is missing.
Added support to the build system for QPE.
Added the qtpe module.
Added the QPEApplication class (not yet working).
Changed the build system so that there is only one instance of the helper code
and it is more a part of the build system rather than being so closely tied in
which SIP.
configure now allows the directory where the Python modules are to be installed
to be specified.

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