[PyKDE] Patches

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 3 02:55:08 GMT 2002

> Johan Fredrik Øhman wrote:
> Why are not the patches applied to the downloadable tar files ?
> Another thing that would be great is if someone could make a RPM file
> of PyQt...  I'm no good at it yet :(

It takes some effort to produce the tarballs, the patches are relatively
easy. The next version of PyQt will be v3.1 which will be fairly soon.
The main changes (apart from the bug fixes) is support for Qt/Embedded
in general and the Sharp Zaurus in particular.

I will never produce RPMs. I don't have an RPM based system myself and
it is far too much effort given the diversity of distros today. People
have volunteered to produce binary packages in the past but they only
stick around for one or two releases. I think it's much better if people
pester their distro supplier to keep up to date.


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