[PyKDE] PyQt 3 on Mac?

Alexander Skwar ASkwar at digitalprojects.com
Tue Jan 22 23:46:04 GMT 2002

So sprach »Boudewijn Rempt« am 2002-01-22 um 23:38:24 +0100 :
> It would be an interesting experiment (and one I'd love to do, but
> I don't have a mac) -- you can try to compile PyQt 3.0 with the
> commercial Qt for OS X -- or with the X version of Qt, and XFree
> for OS X. A friend of mine has done the latter, and he succeeded

However, I actually need it to run on 4 versions, now that I'm thinking
of it: Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS < X, MacOS >= X.  Would I still be
able to use it?  Since I don't yet have a Mac, I can't test right now.

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