[PyKDE] PyQt 3 on Mac?

Chris Bailey chris at codeintensity.com
Wed Jan 23 00:24:22 GMT 2002

I too would be interested in this.  I'm wanting to write a small app that is
cross platform (MacOS X/Windows/Linux/UNIX), and has a nice GUI that,
preferably looks native.  I had thought of using Python, also in part due to
needing just a really small database/data storage thing (so would use

I like Python and thought it'd be nice for the app I was working on, plus I
want to write something more substantial with it.  But, I was worried about
what my choices were for GUI, especially cross platform.  I knew about PyQT,
but didn't know how robust it was vs. how much I'd have to fiddle.  I'd
heard PythonCard would be a good route as well, but then saw that it wasn't
there for MacOS.

So, Java with a Swing UI is what I was planning to use.  I happen to love
Java too, and am not interested in a language war.  I like Swing, but am not
happy with the non-native UI on platforms that don't have that (which would
just be Linux/UNIX, and might actually be a reasonable exception for me).

Anyway, I'd love to hear some commentary on PyQT in this regard...

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I'm evaluating options about building an application which has to run on
Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix.  Can I use PyQt to build an application
which will run on these platforms?


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