[PyKDE] PyQt 3 on Mac?

Chris Bailey chris at codeintensity.com
Wed Jan 23 00:54:00 GMT 2002

Well, there's always C++ :)  You could use Qt and C++ (although I think Qt
is only for MacOS X, not MacOS "Classic" as it now seems to get called to
differentiate).  TkInter would work with Python, but I don't know the status
of that on MacOS [X].  Perl with TkInter probably has about the same
[platform] issues.  Finally, you could of course pick say Python, and then
create a well layered app (MVC/separation of presentation and logic, all
that), and use multiple GUI toolkits (e.g. wxPython on Linux and Windows,
something else on Mac, or whatever).

Another potential option, depending on your needs, would be to do it as a
browser based app, and then essentially your UI is HTML.  That puts in some
other new areas of intrigue, such as doing an embedded web server, etc.
Take a look at Radio UserLand as a possible example (it's only Mac and Win,
but the normal user interface you use is in a browser (there's an app part
too, but it's really only useful to developers)).  I'd thought about going
this route myself, since it could then lend itself to the app becomming a
web app.

I think Java + Swing or AWT is the probably easiest route.  But, it sounds
as if you want to use a scripting language (I said I wouldn't get into a
language war, but personally I see a much smaller difference between Java
and Python as compared to Perl and Python - ok, let the flames begin, or

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So sprach »Chris Bailey« am 2002-01-22 um 15:26:11 -0800 :
> So, Java with a Swing UI is what I was planning to use.  I happen to love
> Java too, and am not interested in a language war.  I like Swing, but am

Well, I also was thinking about using Java.  But since I can't stand
Java, I don't want to go this road.

Anyhow, I know that Python is the greatest on Earth and all, but what
other (besides Java) options would I have?  As it seems right now, the
"best" solution would be to use Tkinter with Python for true cross
platform, is this correct?  And what if I don't use Python?  Which other
language options would I have to write *one* MacOS X/Mac OS
non-X/Linux/Unix/Windows GUI application?

I know that there are Gtk bindings for perl - however, I don't know how
good the Windows and Mac ports of Gtk are (are there any?).  What about
wxWindows?  It's also available for "my" platforms.  Although wxPython
doesn't seem to support Mac yet.  Hmm...

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