[PyKDE] RE: PyKDE2 Status

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Jan 27 20:28:41 GMT 2002

On 27-Jan-02 Henrik Motakef <henrik.motakef at web.de> wrote:
> I just wanted to ask for an update on PyKDEs progress.  Will it
> be released soon? Will there be a PyKDE for KDE2 at all, or do
> you plan to wait for KDE3?
> I recall having heard something like "will be released Real Soon
> Now[tm]" some month ago,  but the WebCVS says the last changes
> happend two months ago. I really look forward to use it, so I 
> hope the project hasn't died.

PyKDE2 is alive and well, I'm just struggling to get back to it. I
took some time off over the holidays and then got tied up on other
stuff. Sorry. I basically just need to verify that it builds
correctly and package it.

The next release should happen shortly and will cover KDE through
KDE 2.2.1. It will probably work with KDE 2.2.2 (although I haven't
tried it yet). An 'official' release for KDE 2.2.2 will take a
little longer. I'll wait for KDE 3.0beta2 to begin work on a
version for KDE 3.0, and expect to have that ready not long after
KDE 3.0final is released (scheduled for early March, I believe).

available now:
PyKDE2-3.0-2.1.0 for KDE versions 2.1.0 - 2.1.1 
     and  2.3.0 <= Qt < 3.0

available soon (late next week if I'm lucky, except 2.2.2):
PyKDE2-3.0-2.2.0 for KDE versions 2.2.0 - 2.2.2 
     and  2.3.0 <= Qt < 3.0

available in March (?):
PyKDE2-3.0-3.0.0 for KDE >= 3.0 and Qt >= 3.0

The currently available tar.gz will be replaced with the next
release, but it's only a new 'build' (the only change will be
in the 'tr' stuff which was discussed here early last month).

The versioning is:


where X   = 2
      yy  = sip version required
      ZZZ = KDE version supported

PyKDE2 only builds with sip 3.0, not the latest sip CVS version.
In general, the latest PyKDE2 will only work with the latest
*released* sip version (after a short time lag to get in sync).

I still plan to designate the above as 'alpha' for now. The
designation will change to 'beta' when the KDE 3.0 version is
released. The 'beta' will remain for quite a while, as there is a
lot of code that isn't tested thoroughly (I don't think it's very
buggy, but you never know until you - or  someone else - try it).

After KDE 3.0, I expect to keep PyKDE2 current with KDE point
releases (but not KDE betas or RC's). The only additional library
I currently plan to support is kdeprint. If someone needs earlier
(KDE beta) releases, I may be able to provide private, unsupported
versions without much trouble - email me and we can discuss it
(after PyKDE2 is in sync with KDE).

Once PyKDE2 is current with KDE, I have some coding to do for
myself (which is how I got into this in the first place), but I'm
interested in any suggestions as to the direction this project
should take - for example, reducing the size of PyKDE2, scripting
for KOffice/plugins for other KDE apps, better sample code/test
code/application templates, etc. I'm interested in any suggestions
anyone has, but I'm not promising anything.


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