[PyKDE] Bizarre backtrace?

Bill Soudan bill at soudan.net
Tue Jul 2 14:58:00 BST 2002

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:

> > The 'MonitorItem' is a subclass of QListViewItem, which contains an
> > instance of a Subscriber class that is derived from the XMLRPC code.  It
> > knows nothing about PyQt.  The exception is occuring when QSocketNotifier
> > emits an activated signal.  That's connected to handleSocketNotification,
> > which in turn invokes the handle_request method on an instance of the
> > Subscriber class.  Past this point, the code has nothing to do with PyQt, 
> > but I'm receiving that strange exception from deep inside the standard 
> > library's SocketServer code.
> Couldn't this scenario create race conditions? Did you tried using mutexes
> to prevent them? May be try to reduce the code to the problem domain and post
> it here?

What type of race condition are you thinking?  I can't think of any off
the top of my head.  A race condition I missed would explain why the
exception is sporadic, though, so please explain :)

I'm going to do some more debugging today.  If I can't find anything else 
out about the exception, I'll prune the code down and post it.


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