[PyKDE] ANN: SIP/PyQt 3.3rc3

John R. Marshall john at jrmstudios.com
Thu Jul 4 02:33:01 BST 2002

On Wednesday 03 July 2002 05:41 pm, Phil Thompson wrote:

> > Of course, the "cat-and-compile" method is not perfect. It requires all
> > headers to be reenter-able and a total absence of namespace clashes
> > between C++ source files.
> Yes, I was rather surprised "when it just worked".
> I'd like people to test this - particularly those with proprietary
> compilers - as I'd like to make it the default.

Please don't!

I just tried it on a Pentium 1 233 with 288 MB memory (+ 128 MB swap) and I 
used up all the swap room and my box just sat there and ground away for about 
an hour until i killed make. :-(

Looks like it's the old 8+ hour way for me.

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