[PyKDE] SIP 3.3rc3 - tmake error

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 5 20:09:00 BST 2002

Doug Bell wrote:

>>>>I'm having trouble building sip-3.3-rc3 against qt2.  The build.py
>>>>script gives an error, saying that tmake failed with an exit code of
>>>>127.  I did set TMAKEPATH variable per the docs.  Am I missing something
>>>I don't usually reply to my own posts, but somebody has to!  ;)
>>>I finally got pyqt-3.3-rc3 built against qt2 by switcing to qmake
>>>instead of tmake.  It works fine this way, but it would be a problem for
>>>anyone without qt3 installed along with qt2.
>>>I still don't know why I'm getting the tmake error.  I tested tmake with
>>>one of my C++ Qt projects and it works fine.  Is anyone else building
>>>sip & pyqt using Mandrake's tmake package?
>>Which version of tmake is it? Have you tried the version (1.8) from TT's 
> Okay, I upgraded from Mandrake's tmake v1.7 package to TT's v1.8 and it
> works fine now.  Maybe the build script should check for the tmake
> version?  Or does v1.7 not always fail?

I knew that 1.7 generates the wrong compiler flags for Windows, I didn't 
know it had other problems. Lazy mode on - it's a bit of a pain to 
extract the version number.


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