[PyKDE] Always QListView and DnD

Thierry JOUVE jouve at esrf.fr
Sun Jul 28 12:09:02 BST 2002


I have always problems with DnD in a QListView....

I have investigate and I've found the "dropped" event in QListItem is
never sent whereas an item is dropped... same thing for QListViewItem,
where "dropped" method is never called...

But, the "contentsDropEvent" or "contentsDragEnterEvent" are also never
called whereas the doc tells the contrary....

I've try to call these methods where "dragEnterEvent" or "dropEvent"
method are sent... this time the "dropped" method in the QListView
object are called, but ... even if a drop appears on an item !!!

Is it a bug ?? Should I reimplement some methods ??

I'm lost... Could you help me ??? Please......


   Thierry JOUVE
   Mail : jouve at esrf.fr, Office : 155b, Tel : 29-46

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