[PyKDE] QTable questions

Stephen Green estebanverde at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 28 12:11:35 BST 2002


I have two questions concerning QTables:

1.  Whenever I add a new QTableItem to my QTable, all selected items in the 
table are unselected, and the first item in the table is selected.  Is there 
any way to not have this happen?

2.  If I have the the table set so that it is columnStretchable for one of 
my columns, and then I add an item to the column, it automatically stretches 
out a lot (way more than is needed to accomodate the item).  Is there any 
way to avoid this, while still keeping the table stretchable (so that the 
user can stretch it)?

If anybody knows the answer to either of these, could you please let me 


Stephen Green

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