[PyKDE] Howto QSqlPropertyMap a SQL TEXT field?

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Tue Jul 30 22:18:01 BST 2002

Hi Qties,

when I try to connect a SQL TEXT field to a QTextEdit widget from 
within a QDataTable driven QSqlForm:

QSqlField::setValue: descfield cannot cast from QString to QByteArray

is emitted. Consequently this doesn't work as expected. Connecting a 
QTextEdit widget to a VARCHAR(255) field works fine, but with the implied 
limitation. How do I connect is one to a SQL TEXT field in order to enjoy
its much larger limits?

PyQt 3.3.2, Qt 3.0.4, Python 2.1.1, i32/Linux 2.4.18, MySQL 3.23.41.

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