[PyKDE] Listview problem? (segfault)

Paul Felix pef at fluent.com
Wed Jul 31 03:49:01 BST 2002

Hi Bart,

You might be able to avoid the problem by locking and unlocking the Qt library
mutex when creating each listview item:

  QListViewItem(self.win.ListView1, "bleh")

This seems to work for me using PyQt 3.3.2 and Qt 3.0.5.

Phil, you advise calling the PyQt API from one thread only.  Do you see any
inherent problem in calling the PyQt API from a second thread if the Qt library
mutex is properly locked/unlocked when doing so?


> Hellow!
> I've adjusted my app like the semaphore thingy.. But still it segfaults...
> I added the new 'version', please take a look at what i'm doing wrong :o(
> Thanks for the help so far, i _REALLY_ appreciate it!
> BTW me and my team (well, more my team :o) will probably make the Gentoo Li=
> nux=20
> graphical installer with PyQT :o)
> Thanks in advance!

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