[PyKDE] Re: I wish to register a complaint

Donovan Rebbechi elflord at andromeda.rutgers.edu
Mon Jun 3 05:39:01 BST 2002

On Tue, 21 May 2002, Phil Thompson wrote:

While we're on this thread, the main reason I'm hesitant to use new
versions of sip is that the mailing list bounces posts from my regular
email address, with the note "spam not accepted". I am not a spammer, my
regular email address is not a freemail spam source, and my ISP don't
run an open relay. So I can only post from  another account. What's more
annoying is there doesn't appear to be any  way I can contact those who
are responsible for this sorry state of affairs (they have a broken
webform. Figures, huh ?)

Even when I do use newer versions, I can't post feedback to the list very
easily (-;

Another thing that would be really nice is a list of mirror sites. I'm not
going to use the latest version if I can't succesfully download it after
several attempts. If there are no mirror sites, it may be worth trying to
get some volunteers, or having it available on the KDE site (then it would
also be available on the mirror sites)

Of course, it doesn't follow that I'd suddenly be a major contributor or
anything if I could post to the list-- but I did offer feedback before I
got tired of begging others to forward my posts to the list.


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